Sense of style is what makes her different , this comes from the love of clothes and having a good presence. The 25-year-old Noluthando Xhamela from Spruitview, is the new kid on the block when it comes to fashion, and has proved to know what she does. With only 2 years of being in the industry, she has inspired many with her wonderful work and bound to turn heads of public when wearing some of her garments.

Not only is she a stylist with a good eye for clothes, but she also does clothing designs. Her love of clothes is interlinked with her background of modelling, as she started at the young age and later grew love for fashion. She says “I have branched into being in the fashion space right now, but basically everything that has to do with image is what I love.” The young fashion stylist incorporates her own Xhosa culture and various styles into her designs.

Noluthando describes herself as a person who knows the right combination of clothes and how to put clothes together to make them look good. “Some of the work that I do includes styling models for photo shoots, providing fashion advice, choosing and co-ordinating outfits,” she says.
Her mother is a tailor, so she drew inspiration of being in the clothing space from her. “For people around my township, my mother is the go-to person whenever people want to do alterations on their clothes, I decided to take the same idea for a whole new level when I became a fashion stylist. My mother is actually the one that taught me how to sew clothes using the sewing machine and I fell in love with that idea from thereon,” she said.

Noluthando adds, I don’t have a particular look ,I’m very diverse when it comes to my styling. “I’m a very creative person and that is one major skill in order to make it into this industry, otherwise without it, it is going to be difficult to survive,” she said. Going forward, Noluthando would like to have her own fashion line and get her brand to reach the masses. She wants to be the most recommended stylist whenever people need services and hopes to make it big in the industry.

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