The police this afternoon arrested two men one of them a member of the EMPD, minutes after hijacking a truck on the N12 in Boksburg.The suspects were caught a few meters from the scene of a hijacking. The men had allegedly just hijacked a truck carrying surgical masks when the police pounced.When the suspects saw the police they sped off in a white VW Polo which was later involved in an accident. They were the arrested and it was later discovered that one of them was an EMPD officer and the get away car also belonged to the metro police.The hijacked truck and its consignment was recovered on the N12.The City of Ekurhuleni’s MMC for Community safety Frans Moko said the law must take its course and condemned acts of crime among the EMPD.”We cannot not harbour criminals in a law enforcement structure. We remain resolute in flushing thugs out of the service.”Our people need policemen and women who uphold the law to protect them and ensure law and order in the city,” Mmoko pointed out.The suspects are expected to appeal I court soon

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