Thursday (14 May) at 11:03 in Katlehong area, the EMPD Drug Enforcement Unit Members on patrol, arrested a suspicious female and an illicit substance was confiscated, following a body search.

An idling 35-year old suspect found on Nyanga street, was handcuffed after Officers uncovered 4x ziplocks of khat valued at R800, before she was marched to Katlehong police station.

Friday (15 May) in Tsakane area at extension 6, 12b on Mokabane, Makofane and Shakwane streets, six (6) male suspects between the ages of 20 and 35, were picked up by the EMPD Eastern Region Task Team Members from their different place of residents, during a sting operation following a tip off where Officers exposed 53x pieces of rocks, 25x kilograms of dagga, 643x knotted plastics and ziplocks of nyaope valued at R39 740. The half dozen, were escorted to Tsakane police station.

All seven detained suspects, are facing charges of possession and dealing in illicit substances. They will appear in the Palmridge and Tsakane Magistrate’s Court/s soon.

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