Given Mkhari, a successful businessman from Ekhuruleni came to the rescue for disabled Mama Nthabiseng Monaledi, (55). He helped her get the South African Identity Card.

Monaledi from Kwa-Thema, has been struggling to get an ID for more than twenty years now. “Since 1996 I didn’t have an ID ,I went to every home affairs and I couldn’t get any help, that’s when I gave in and left everything in God’s hands.” Says Monaledi.

With fate, Mkhari read an article from the People’s Paper, Daily Sun where he learnt about Mama Monaledi’s situation. All that changed everything for Ma Monaledi and her son,who also received winter clothes donation from Mkhari.

Upon his arrival at Kwa Thema to visit the family, Mkhari came with stacks of Groceries and most importantly he also rejuvenated Mama Monaledi’s faith that all will be well.

“I didn’t just come here to donate food and leave, you’re a South African, you have the right to get a disability grant, and if I don’t help you now, your son will struggle because of ID.” Says Mkhari

On his departure, Mkhari told Ekurhuleni News that Ma Monaledi’s situation came to his attention that she is disabled and doesn’t have an ID card, hence she cannot receive an RDP house or disability grant which she is entitled to.

“This story was very close to my heart because she has an 18 years old son who is also affected, he is a good boy who plays soccer ,that’s why I bought him winter clothes.” Mkhari Says

However, he maintained that his main focus at the moment is to get them ID cards “because her siblings got Ids it means they are South Africans, so we will go to home affairs as I’m busy Connecting them with relevant people.”

Mkhari, is willing to go extra mile and help the family with whatever means to prove that they are indeed South African citizens deserving ID cards.

“If the Home Affairs does not believe that she is really related to the brothers, we will do  DNA test to prove that and I will pay with my own money .” Mkhari Promised.

Mama Monaledi was over the moon that God has finally answered her prayers after two decades of struggling, she has was sent from pillar to post but today marks the beginning of the end of her suffering should Mkhari keep his word.

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