By Thabang Rammutla

Amid COVID-19 regulations people are struggling to adjust and find ways of doings things but that was not the case for Nadine and Darren to celebrate a baby shower for baby Xael.

The event took place at Bosmont and social distancing was the motor of the event, however they have managed to make it more fun and interesting. There was a convoy of cars hooting and parading towards baby mama Nadine, to drop off the gifts.

The Event took Place as a surprise to Nadine and Darren by a family friend Charmaine Herol, who first saw the idea from YouTube and she saw it fit to share with South Africans how baby showers can still be celebrated during lockdown.

“We can still have a good time as long as we keep a social distancing and respect all the rules and regulations of our president, and we thought we should make it her surprise because she always makes surprises for everyone.” Said Herol.

According to Herol, organising the event was easy and less costly because all she needed to do was to get the guys to come drive by and drop off the presents while the cars were hooting, and South Africans must not sit back and think they can’t have a good time.

Meanwhile, Nadine and Darren told Ekhuruleni news what they were expecting which was obviously the usual baby shower where they get to sit together with family and friends, and have fun.

“It was quite a surprise, I was thinking that we could have a sit down baby shower and enjoy a time of family and it had to be a drive by which was really awesome.” Said Nadine.

The couple see the privilege of still being able to celebrate their baby shower while maintaining a social distancing with everybody who was involved.

“We did all we can to maintain social distancing as we were greeting each other by the use of elbows so ‘yeah’ besides the fun there is still an awareness for the serious pandemic.” Said Darren

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