By Lerato Mateane

When finding employment seems to be something that the youth of South Africa battle with, some decide to make means of keeping themselves busy and staying off the streets from bad influences.  Thabo Motaung is doing all these in trying times since the country is facing lockdown. The 24-year-old from Katlehong has found his inspiration of writing short stories and poems, and he loves every moment of it.Thabo always knew that he could write, but he didn’t take his talent too seriously. He explains how it started, “there was one day were I was extremely bored, I didn’t even know what to do with myself; so I had this idea in my mind, I took my phone and I began writing. From thereon, things just started to flow and it becomes easier when you start making up stories in your mind or you use past experiences either from family and friends, or that you have encountered yourself.”

He describes himself, as a creative and he thinks outside of the box. “I believe that as a creative, you need to be full of ideas and your stories should not be the same or predictive.  Even though the story that you’re writing about might be a real-life experience, it would help to add a certain twist to it, so that you entice your readers,” Thabo said. When asked  what inspired him to write, he said  “life itself inspires me as there is so much to write about, and even though I just  started, i believes that there can only be growth from this point onwards.

Being a young person from the township, Thabo would like to make collaborations with other youngsters from around his community, who share the same vision as his. He says, “this kind of collaboration would be a great stepping stone for me as i will be amongst lminded people who share similar or different views, which is what it’s needed in the creative space.”

Thabo has dreams of furthering his studies and would like to study creative writing. “It doesn’t just end there; I also want to create a platform, like a centre, that would uplift other upcoming young artists not just for writing but for other forms of the arts as well; and that is what I have planned for the future,” he said.

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