MMC for Water and Sanitation Cllr Tiisetso Nketle together with representatives of the business alliance named Business for South Africa and the National Business Initiative donated hand washing units to families of Qalabosha Informal Settlement in Daveyton on Wednesday, 10 June. 

Qalabosha has been selected as one of the informal communities where social distancing is difficult to maintain, due the density of the dwellings. The City of Ekurhuleni is working relentlessly to ensure that all that can be done is indeed done to help citizens living in these circumstances. To date, water tanks have been distributed and erected across the length and breadth of the City to ensure access to clean drinking water and for washing of hands. This is in addition to ensuring that throughout the lockdown period no effort is spared in keeping the taps running in the City. The proper use of the hand-washing facility will assist the residents in contributing to the City’s plans to conserve water

In the keynote address, MMC Nketle emphasized the importance of this initiative, saying: “Ekurhuleni is a partnership that works. Our communities as a municipality also belong to you as business. So we will continue to work together with business, through these public-private partnerships, in order for us to execute our shared responsibility to our communities”. In addition, a demonstration of the two units was undertaken during the launch, highlighting the ease of use of these durable, locally made hand washing facilities.

These locally manufactured foot-operated hand washing facilities and portable hand washing units will be distributed to underprivileged communities across the City.  The informal settlements, schools and social services buildings will be prioritised.  

Hand sanitisers have been distributed as an emergency interim measure. 

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