Confiscated AK-47 assault rifle, an SAPS jacket, few rounds and three (3) 9mm pistols

Today (25 June) in Boksburg area, the EMPD Tracing Unit Members arrested a male suspect and four (4) firearms including an automatic rifle with rounds, were confiscated.

During a crime prevention operation in Delmore Gardens, EMPD Members were stopped and alerted by a concerned member of the community, about a suspicious house on Stumpnose road, being frequent by doubtful characters. Officers responded promptly and at 07:00, a 37-year old male house occupant claiming to be a passing by relative, found in the kitchen holding a red sports bag, was handcuffed after the EMPD Unit uncovered an AK-47 assault rifle, 3x 9mm pistols with magazines, an SAPS jacket, 1x AK-47 magazine, almost 500x live rounds (of an AK and 9mm’s) and 4x extra 9mm magazines, inside the bag.

Possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, with suspected stolen police uniform charges, were levelled against the suspect, before he was escorted to Boksburg police station. He is expected to appear at the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court soon.

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