A youngster set to succeed

Working with computers it’s  his passion and he doesn’t see himself doing anything other than that. Lesego Mabena (24) from Spruitview, had a love for computers for the longest time and  that’s the reason he done computer studies in both his high school and varsity years, he has never stopped being in the field ever since.

It all started at a young age, when all he wanted was to play computer or video games  though he didn’t know much about the depth of computers. Lesego says , “I remember years ago when I had old age desktop computer, all I ever did with it was to play games and watch movies or listen to music; little did I know that I could work with computers and it would form part of my life career.”

From loving to play video games, it then grew into him. He then studied IT software development at a private college. “ going to college has enabled me to get into the in-depth of computers, which is more than what you see on the physical part of it. Right now I have the extensive knowledge of IT which involved a great deal of theory and doing the practical side of it, and all I can say is that I am very happy with my career choice,” Lesego said.

Lesego is currently self-employed as he runs his small business at his home. He says, “my hustle right now is operating my business at home in a garage, where I fix computer and laptops either hardware or software, and I also offer other services as well such as CV writing/typing, doing business cards, email services and so on.” He adds“what I value most about my business is that customers trust me with their stuff and my services,  In turn I prove to them why they should trust me with my work  and that gives me so much joy.”

Lesego is thankful to his parents who stood by him, his dreams and making sure that he follows a career of his choice. “When I told my parents that I wanted to study IT, it didn’t come as a shock to them because they knew what I loved and they supported me throughout, even when I wanted to start my own business,” he said. As the world is evolving, tech careers are in demand, and that is one of the reasons why Lesego chose to be in the IT field; knowing that his skills are in demand and he aims for success.

By: Lerato Moteane

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