Gogos Begs Grandson’s Safe Return

He had hoped to become a teacher but his poor background made that dream unaccomplished, now he’s nowhere to be found and his gogo is desperate!

 This because her grandson Khaya Mthonjana (28) is missing…and someone is trying to get money from her.

Two weeks ago, Gogo Olga Mthonjana (82) received a call from Khaya saying he was in trouble. He needed money immediately or otherwise she won’t see him alive again. Said the Gogo: “He woke up very early that Wednesday and left, that evening he called and said he needed money, or if I fail sending it, I will never see him again.

“But before I even asked any questions, the cell went dead. I tried to call him, but it never rang. What scares me most is, the phone numbers he used weren’t his, which makes me spend sleepless nights.”

However, the Gogo said Khaya is self-disciplined and the type of a person who doesn’t get into mischief.

“Khaya is orphaned, his mother passed away and left me with him and his brother, they were too young. I enrolled him to University of Joburg (UJ) for a teaching degree, but dropped out since I couldn’t afford the fees.” she said.

Gogo Olga of Esgodiphola, Daveyton, Ekurhuleni said she reported him at Daveyton SAPS where a missing person case was opened.

Local ward 63’s Women and Children’s Sector Khosi Mothlaping said she knows Khaya well, and she even tried to solicit a bursary for him one time. “Khaya is a well-behaved boy, I’m completely puzzled about his case of missing. I don’t exactly know what type of people are with him at the moment.”

Khaya’s Gogo said she hoped to see him enter through the door unharmed. “I’m appealing to whoever is holding him up to spare his life. My health has changed since he disappeared, I’m deteriorating.  His return will be a new lease to my ailing health,” said the pensioner. 

By Warren Ubisi

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