Selling make-up kits

All things associated with beauty is what interests her and she has found her passion in it.  Petunia Maseko from Buhle Park in Germiston, decided to turn her love for beauty into a business by selling make-up kits for those who love skincare products. A mother to a three-year-old daughter started her business to make ends meet, and also make a living out of her passion. She’s been selling for over four years and continues to be the entrepreneur that she is.

Being her own brand, she represents her business very well as she uses the products herself. Petunia says that “I don’t want my customers to ask me about a certain product and its uses, and then end up not having the answer to it; because that only explains that you don’t know your business. So, the best way to go about it is to know the ins and outs of your business, and that’s the reason I decided to become my own brand.” Petunia tells us about her business and says that “I sell eye shadow pellets, eyeliners, bronzers, brushes, sponges, and anything that will help your make-up look go from 0 – 100.”

When many believe that make-up is only for women, Petunia says that even men apply make-up but theirs is different as they only apply light make-up. “Make-up for men helps those who have oily skin, so they have to apply powder to make their face not to be shiny, and it helps especially those who have to be on camera in order to get that perfect look,” she adds. With women being her customers mostly, she doesn’t abandon also selling to men, encouraging them to buy for their loved ones if they do not use the products themselves.

Her dream is to become a beauty therapist, and she mentions that she is working towards making her dream come true. “This is only the beginning for me and it doesn’t end here. A beauty therapist provides face and body treatments to help clients look and feel better; so I see myself doing that as a career, while also being an entrepreneur at the same time, and I believe that there’s a lot that I can offer in this field,” Petunia said. She further adds that she wants to venture into being a make-up artist, and not just sell her products but be able to use them on her clients as well.

By: Lerato Moteane

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