A young woman in cookware business

We all have different ways of hustling and making ends meet.Matshepo Motaung, from Vosloorus has her ways too and that is to sell cookware sets for those who love to spend time in the kitchen. She loves to cook herself,that’s why it was easier to sell cookware sets. Lack of Job pushed her to start selling. Matshepo wanted to do something with her life rather than to sit and do nothing. “I know how to sell and it is what I’m good at even my clients will tell you that I’m very persuasive, but what’s more important is to leave a client with a smile and not having regrets for supporting you,” Matshepo said.

Business tends to be slow sometimes and that is the reason she doesn’t rely on one source of income. Apart from selling cookware sets, she has a spaza shop at home and her family operates while she goes out to hustle. Matshepo says “I’m very grateful to have a family like mine, because we are all hard workers and always willing to help each other ouout.At the end of the day we all make money while helping each other, so we stand nothing to lose.”
Most people love to cook and having the right tools to prepare food makes things easier for them. Matshepo adds, there is nothing that beats a home-cooked meal and sharing it with your family. “This is where I get in with my cookware, because not having what you need to prepare food will make your job difficult and you may even lose the interest of cooking . It is even worse for us women,because it will frustrate you when stepping into a kitchen ,” she said.
Matshepo would like to expand her business and sell different products . “I have better plans than what I am currently doing, I know my capabilities, so I will not rest until I make it a success,” she adds.

By: Lerato Moteane

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