Residents are informed that the repairs to the water reticulation network in Kempton Park is expected to be completed this afternoon.

As of this morning 90% of repairs had been completed by the City’s technicians who worked tirelessly in the last 48 hours, and continue to do so.

As a result of the team’s hard work, the Isando supply system is now open and providing water to the following areas:

  • Spartan;
  • Kempton Park CBD;
  • Glen Marais;
  • Allen Grove;
  • Aston Manor;
  •  Bredell;
  • Bonaero Park.

The team suffered a setback when they discovered that the anchor block of the 1000mm steel pipe also had a leak. This delayed the supply of water to Croydon and Isando Industries. It is currently being repaired and should be fixed by this afternoon.

Two valves are also being installed at Sasol and nearby areas and this should be completed within a few hours.

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