On 4 August 2020, in Pretoria, Spar called for an action against gender based violence while introducing their SPAR Virtual Women’s Challenge, which will commence on September 26, 2020.

The event will start at 06h00 – 18h00pm to cement the statement that without women, our history would not be as rich, nor our culture as remarkable. Gender-Based Violence is officially a national crisis in South Africa and this year, SPAR is challenging everybody to walk alongside the women of South Africa and take a firm stand against gender-based violence.

As we celebrate the phenomenal women in our lives this Women’s month, we can no longer ignore the issue of violent crimes committed against women and children every single day. We are simply not doing enough to raise awareness and end these acts of violence that have become detrimentally ingrained in our society.

Gender-based violence is systemic and rooted in our history and culture. In order to break the cycle of abuse, we need to be more conscious of how we contribute to gender-based violence in our own households and in our broader communities. Do you stay silent when a voice is needed? You need to be louder. Do you look away when abuse is being committed? You need to step in. Acts of gender-based violence are not normal, nor acceptable in any situation.

SPAR is calling for awareness on this massive crisis and stepping up to contribute to its end. This year, the SPAR Virtual Women’s Challenge of 2020 is not only celebrating the powerful women in our society, but also virtually walking alongside the survivors of gender-based violence. Participants are expected to run their own planned routes in and around their communities.

Special brand ambassadors, Philicity Reeken and Leilani Kuter, will be sharing their stories and leading the important conversation on gender-based violence and its overarching consequences in our society. For every challenge entry of R50, SPAR will be creating food parcels that will be distributed to the survivors of gender-based violence and their families. Event partner, Jacaranda Good Morning Angels, will also be helping to distribute these food parcels.

Even if it feels as if we are being overshadowed by darkness, we must continue to walk towards the light. We are fighting this pandemic together. If you or somebody close to you has been subjected to acts of gender-based violence and needs help, please contact the following organisations:
POWA (People Opposing Woman Abuse): 011 591 6803
ForWomen (Gender Based Violence Command Centre): 0800 428 428 Lifeline South Africa: 0800 150 150 See Less

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