Rescue team from the City of Ekurhuleni frantically recovered a charred body of a male found hanging down from high voltage electrical Eskom pylon in Withok west agricultural holdings in Brakpan. A rigid electrocuted body was hanging head down on eighty-eight thousand volts (88Kv) electrical cables, about twenty-five metres (25m) above the ground. On the 19th of August 2020 at 16H00 the rescue teams from both Tsakane and Brakpan central fire stations, spontaneously responded to Lucas Steyn road in Withok agricultural holdings for intervention.

On arrival, the body of a deceased male was found hanging head down from one of the high voltage electrical cables about twenty-five metres from the ground on a steel pylon. A hacksaw and screwdriver tools were fund on the ground directly underneath where the body was hanging. It is alleged that the electrocuted person was tempering with the cables, attempting to cut them off. A specialised vehicle which is a Hydraulic Platform was sent to the scene accompanied by other rescue vehicles and was used to lift the rescuers to the correct height in reaching the electrocuted body, prior to that, the operation had to be halted till the safety signal was given by electricians who had to isolate the power supply from the power lines. Greatly two female rescuers in attendance, volunteered to take the responsibility on their shoulders in high spirit of hoisting August as a women`s month.

They were accompanied by only one male colleague inside the hydraulic platform`s cage to recover the charred body. Meticulously so, the mission was accomplished and the burned body was brought safely on the ground exactly by 19H37. The scene was handed over to the police and Forensic pathologists for further investigations

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