A new season is welcomed by many people with joy and optimistic attitudes now that coronavirus is no longer at its peak. But for the coal business owners it is a tragic to their pockets because unlike the cold winter period, the demand of coal has now fallen dramatically.A business owner Nhlanhla Given Mavuso who’s been specialising in coal supply since 2019 in Tsakane has taken a strain due to fallen demand of coal. He described the new season as bad for his business except on rainy days because he is not making as much as he used to make during winter.“Spring, is a very bad season for this business but when it’s raining I can at least sell five or more bags of char coal, in the meantime I must figure out something else,” he said.

Due to low demand of coal, some days he doesn’t make any sales, instead he gives coal for credit to his trusted customers knowing that he will get something at the end of the month when they pay.“I have so many credits in my credit book, so other people come and pay, meanwhile others come for credit and I give them to keep my supply flowing because if they can’t pay now they will pay when they have money and they obviously demand more and my business will survive,” Mavuso said.“Things are different now, because during winter the business was booming as I would make 10 or more sales per day, but now it’s a different situation because I can’t put food on the table like I used to, so it’s not just a bad season for me but also for my family,” added Mavuso.However, Mavuso is very optimistic about the future of his business and he is patient with his customers because he understands his relationship with them as a businessman. He has big dreams for his business and he can see progress towards the growth of his business regardless of the fallen demand of coal.“I can see growth because I get a positive response from my customers who support me further and by making sure that they pay on time, every time I give them coal on credit, so I want to see this business growing every day,” Mavuso said

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