IN REIGER PARK AREAOn Wednesday (15 Sept) in Reiger Park area (next to Tokyo Sexwale informal settlement), the EMPD Public Order Policing (POPS), First Response (FRU), SWAT, Equestrian, Anti-Drunken Driving (DDU) Units including Boksburg with Germiston precinct Officers, arrested six (6) outlaws and three (3) passing by motor vehicles, were stoned and petrol bombed.Between Sunday (13 Sept) night and today, Old Elsburg and part of Commissioner roads were barricaded with burning tyres, rubble and rocks following a protest action where 2x Heavy Motor Vehicles and 1x Light Motor Vehicle, were set alight by an angry mob (fortunately, occupants escaped unhurt).

During the strategic patrols by Officers, violent protesters were playing a disappearing act. Yesterday (15 Sept) between 11:00 and 14h00, at the corner of Old Elsburg and Commissioner, six (6) demonstrators found damaging a truck and throwing stones at passing motor vehicles, were cornered and apprehended by EMPD FRU and POPS Members. The half dozen facing charges of public violence, which is a female and five (5) males, between the ages of 29 and 45, were marched to the Reiger Park police station. The arrested six (6), are expected to appear in the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court soon. Working together with other Law Enforcers, we will continue to monitor the affected area

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