As Rastafarians celebrated heritage day on September 24, 2020, at Roots’ place in Katlehong, they immensely shared their deep rooted spiritual life that reflects the life of their ancestors who praised god wholeheartedly.Simone Ramalophe residing in Katlehong( Mofokeng section) opened the interview by giving thanks, ”Today it’s our heritage day as Africans my lord, the life we live as Rastafarians is the life that our ancestors lived in the past, it’s the lineage of king Solomon, we follow suit in how our king Solomon lived, Solomon succeeded King David but it all started in Egypt and our kings emigrated from Egypt through the Nile river until they settled in Ethiopia were our lord, king Haile Selassie was crowned king as we continuously give praises to him because he sits on the throne which was occupied by Solomon, as stated in the scriptures that the last grandson will sit on the throne.

“As the Scriptures stated that God will send saviors Moses and Christ ,as u see us today we are resembling those saviors, we have returned in that form of Moses and Christ which were tasked by god to live in a good way and save people from evil, we have a church in our Rastafarian culture,” Ramalophe shared,He elaborated further saying, “We are always serving the spirit and we continue to feed the spirit with goodness from our hearts, from 12: 00 Friday we begin our fasting routine until 12:00 on the Sabbath day (Saturday) and our Sabbath day begins on Friday at 18:00 and it’s our main day were we go to church to praise good, Sunday is our first day of the week, but we wake up early in the morning to pray and we pray three times on daily basis; on Monday we also fast, we are also taught about dressing appropriately and being clean and neat at all times as a representation of God because God is always clean,” he vastly expressed. Another member of the Rastafarian nation Mdu Mthebela added more saying “We are here at Roots’ place to celebrate our heritage day, we are here to celebrate our African cultures we don’t segregate, we celebrate Africa as a whole, we must embrace how we dress, our ancestors, how we communicate, as Rastafarians we embrace our ancestors we promote Africanism without white influence, “ he adamantly disclosed

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