A Sod turning occasion took place on September 12,2020 at Alliance Ext 2, in Benoni, in preparation for the Townhouses that will be erected. The area was selected as a preffered site to build houses which will accommodate the middle class.It’s significantly common that the middle class has been neglected across South Africa in expense of prioritizing RDP houses for the lower class, on the other hand the upper class is in a favourable position as they can effortlessly afford houses erected in low density areas,but Tragweite Property Consultants company aims to alter the middle class’ crisis.Tragweite Property Consultants has extensive experience in Township housing development so it thought that it was necessary to enter the housing market in focus of erecting houses for the middle class.The Uhuru Townhouse development project in the City of Ekurhuleni will ensure that all middle class households are accomodated,the project will render the City of Ekurhuleni’s residents jobs and skills development opportunities; it will provide a good lifestyle, restore self-worth and dignity for the middle class homeowners. In a nutshell the property development director ,Siegfried(Zieg) Pretorius,said, “in view of what I shared here today I trust that we all have a better understanding and appreciation of the Uhuru Townhouse development project, and that we as Tragweite Property Consultants we will enjoy and experience hundred percent (100%) support for the project by the community , It’s leadership structures, as well as from the City of Ekurhuleni’s officials,” he concluded

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