Between 25 and 26 September 2020 in Boksburg, Daveyton and Putfontein areas, the EMPD’s Equestrian and Freeway Unit Members, arrested sixteen (16) male wrongdoers, wherein motorists found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics wer seized and a reported hi-jacked sedan was recovered.On Friday at 10am in Daveyton area, patrolling EMPD Equestrian Unit Officers stopped and searched a suspicious blue Toyota Corolla sedan, with four (4) occupants between the ages of 21 and 41, on Titon road.

The four culprits were handcuffed, after 200x knotted plastics of nyaope valued at R6000 were uncovered. All four will be charged with possession and possible dealing in illicit substances, they were immediately taken to Daveyton police station.At 5am on Saturday (26 Sept) in Boksburg area, the EMPD Equestrian Unit Members on the way to report for duty witnessed a crash on Vredebos road where a white Nissan Almera lost control and smashed into a lamppost. On approach, the driver exited and showed Officers a clean pair of shoes. Upon investigations, the sedan was reported robbed/hijacked in Germiston area, the previous night. The recovered motor vehicle was towed to Van Ryn’s Deep (Benoni police yard), for safekeeping and thorough investigations.On the same day (26 Sept) between 14h00 and 22h00 in Putfontein area at an intersection of Durran and Henning, the EMPD Freeway Unit Squad staged a roadblock and twelve (12) male drivers under the influence of alcohol were arrested and escorted to Putfontein police station.All the detainees are expected to appear in Daveyton and Benoni Magistrate’s Court/s soon

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