The house which burned down last year on December 13, 2019, which belonged to the late firefighter (Samuel Mthobo Sambo) who died 15 years ago, was rebuilt into a 3bedroom house, with a sitting room, Kitchen and a bathroom.It was officially handed over to his family in Daveyton today (2nd of October 2020).Steven Nkabinde the family’s spokesperson shared, saying, “We as the family we would like to thank the ‘Brotherhood movement’ and Xtenda Housing Finance Company for assisting in rebuilding the house; the whole EMS fraternity showed support as Sambo worked in Joburg, but firefighters from other Provinces(Sekhukhune and Middelburg) and other areas around the world, as far as Dubai granted support to the Brotherhood movement; Xtenda played a crucial role by doubling the money accumulated by the ‘Brotherhood movement’ and carried out the construction task by building a house for the late Samuel Mthobo Sambo’s Family,” Nkabinde joyfully expressed.

The recipient of the newly built house (who is the son of the late firefighter) Wandile Sambo (18) said, “When the house was engulfed in flames i was not around, I was visiting my uncle but when I heard the news, I was devastated, now I’m happy because they redeemed the only thing that signifies and nonetheless reminds me of my late father,” Wandile Sambo gladly mentioned.Lastly, the founder of Xtenda Housing Finance concluded by saying, “Time has surely passed since Xtenda Housing Finance started rebuilding the home on the 20th of August 2020, it took us just over four weeks to complete this unique, yet worthy project, it’s an achievement in itself; I’m often asked the question, why did we get involved in this project?, I have been fortunate in that I have travelled the world helping and supporting many families like the one belonging to Sylvia Sambo to find suitable accommodation.

“In fact, the right to housing is enriched in our constitution and it is about giving families a sense of dignity, I know we will have a vote of thanks, but it will be remiss of me, if I don’t personally thank our group CEO Mr. Sivi Moodley who made the project possible, Brotherhood team that has been a strategic partner of our team; Riaan, the contractor who delivered within a very tight schedule, the site supervisor Elvis who remained on-site ensuring contractors completed the project and AUCOR company that donated furniture for the house,” Kevin Chetty appreciatively concluded

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