Move One Million (MOM) that seeks to unite all people in South Africa donated groceries, toys, clothes and a chest freezer to a charity organisation (Stand-Up Committee) which is situated in Daveyton, Eswatini section.The donation ceremony was held at Sinaba Stadium on the 3rd of October 2020 in Daveyton whereby children within the township were invited to an amusing filled fun-day. Robby P, one of the representative of the MOM movement said, “We saw it as necessary to partner with the Stand-Up Committee (charity organisation) to serve our community members, which is all in our best interest because we want to improve the lives of our people in our communities; from our side, Sarah Barkley identified Stand- Up Committee as an organisation that needs assistance because they are doing good in their community by aiding underprivileged people, especially children.

“However we have donated food, clothes, toys and a chest freezer to assist the Stand-Up Committee to do their purposeful duty without hassles, they take two days every week to feed 80- 200 underprivileged community members; as a movement we feel that we have a divided country, so in the act of kindness we hope to unite the country,” Robby P adamantly uttered.He continued saying, “Our leaders don’t do enough to help our communities so we hope our relationship with Stand- Up Committee will address the issue, this is the first time we are helping out a charity organisation since the movement was jointly formed by Jarette Petzer and Joanita Van Wyk in July 2020; we are also calling upon all people in various areas around South Africa to stand up and represent their communities so that we can all unite and fight against corruption in our country,” he insightfully expressed.

During the process of the event Ekurhuleni News seized the opportunity to interview one of the co-founders of Stand-Up Committee, Nsizwa Mahlangu, who explained that, “Prior to Move One Million assisting us, we had an event this side, practising our daily duty of serving our community members; and one of the local newspapers covered the event, after that Move One Million movement approached us to offer a helping hand in our genuine agenda in relation to that, today they’ve come here to fulfil their promise by donating groceries, toys, clothes and a chest freezer, we depend on donors but since the movement has come on board, our main task of aiding the community will be efficient and possible,” Mahlangu disclosed.“The Round Table Golden East 181 club donated five hundred (500) hot dogs on the day,” Robby P added

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