Nelson Sello Monaheng used his spare time as a security guard to follow his writing passion; he has already published two books titled ‘You are created for greatness’ and ‘What influences your life’.The author from Tsakane in langeville Ext 2 explains his journey into publishing his two books, explaining that: “Being a security guard changed my life because I had a lot of time on my hands not knowing what to do with it; at that particular time I was dealing with different feelings such as pain, anger and sadness.“I was mostly angry with myself because I wanted to do something with my life and change it to become something better than a security guard,” Monaheng vibrantly expressed.

He continued saying, “During that particular period I was also offered an opportunity to be a coordinator at church and I also witnessed young people within my age suffering the same fate, but it was extreme for them because they ended up doing wrong things; fortunately for me, the lord granted me vast information which made me realise that I can use it to help others.“While I was planning to initiate my plan, a message out of nowhere clicked on my mind, which states, ‘I’m created for greatness’ instantly that message changed me and instigated my passion and i started writing; my books’ content is derived from self-motivation and it’s also influenced by God,” he thoroughly alluded.he further disclosed saying: “The process of writing both books was actually a good experience but it was not easy because I had to learn from myself and others, during the path I also became a better version of myself, I was drawn into writing because I had passion to help people with the knowledge I possess; people should consider reading my books because it’s not just a piece of information but words filled with grace to change lives.“Don’t hold back your visions work to become better in life, remember you are the glory of God, and nobody is better than you; ‘You are created for greatness’,” the author concluded with words of encouragement

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