A modern container business site in Dawn Park dubbed ‘Vuka Darkie Container Mall’ hosted an event themed ‘Daddy’s day care’ today( 17 October 2020) that seeks to encourage men to bond with their children and wives.One of the mall managers explained that, “We are hosting this event today to encourage men in general to be responsible and to take care of their children; they need to build a solid relationship with their children and wives.“The event also seeks to spread the message against Gender Based Violence (GBV); it also propels men to act against this plight and to become better versions of themselves, we encourage male figures to play a crucial role in their families by respecting both their wives and children,” the manager insightfully shared.

Children were provided with a playing zone were jumping castles were assembled and their parents monitored them.However the manager revealed how the container mall was formed and why it was named ‘Vuka Darkie Container Mall, saying, “We named this business site ‘Vuka Darkie’ because we want black people to wake up and to rise from their ashes; with the name we emphasise that black people should start running their own businesses; you don’t need capital as an individual to open your own business, I strongly believe that it begins with passion and love for what you are doing; if you love doing something, it’s easy to invest your time and effort into it, then you can easily turn it into a business,” he profoundly uttered.In the evening the event was transformed into a live music session with various Deejays showcasing their deep rooted music talents, that kept all the music lovers entertained

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