An aspiring model and former Miss Mayfield in Daveyton, Ziyanda Mkwebane (21) will stop at nothing to make her dreams come true. She is brave, confident, and she is ready to take the long walk to greener pastures in the fashion industry.Ziyanda is an advocate of unconditional self-love and she believes loving herself more is a major contributor to her milestones as a former Miss Mayfield. She aims to touch more souls than she already has, and lending a helping hand to the disadvantaged communities is her way to spread her love and kindness to others.

However, growing up was not easy for Ziyanda because she had to deal with bullying at school at a tender age and that could have destroyed her confidence but she chose to keep her head up. “I can say that modelling helped me to discover myself and made me who I am today, because I now know that people’s opinions don’t define who I am and I accepted the fact that I’m not perfect and that not everyone will approve or appreciate who I am and that’s okay because everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions,” Ziyanda says.She wants to work as a model because modelling is like a calling to her. “I have a good sense of style, a positive self-talk and I have qualities of a good role model of which are confidence, morals and I am a very hard-working person,” she said.“Working as a model will allow me to sell myself as a brand that I aspire to be and having good communication skills will help me build a wonderful atmosphere to progress within the beauty and fashion industry,” added Ziyanda. As young as she is, Ziyanda is very busy and she loves the fact that she is no longer trapped in her comfort zone. She wakes up every morning to do what she loves most which is modelling and she takes professional pictures to upgrade her portfolio every time she gets a chance.“As soon as I leave my home I know that I’ll have a long day running from place to place, and as a typical model I vary in size from regular compact bag pack to big size suitcase… You have to expect the unexpected, you must have plasters in case anything happens, a pair of heels, hairspray etc.,” Ziyanda describes her day as a typical model.Nonetheless, being a model is not an easy business considering the economic aspects that comes with maintaining your image as a model but Ziyanda is making it work because her career is her lifeblood.“I feel like being a model costs a lot because you always have to look perfect, fresh and straight out of the beauty parlour as a model no matter what the weather condition is and it’s not easy to run all day long so all that comes with being patient and calm in every situation that you face,” She said.#standupekurhuleni

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