Free meals for pensioners

A local business which opened in the beginning of October, Shorts and Shades Kitchen, offered free meals and entertainment to the elderly residents of Villa liza in a gesture of appreciation. The owner of the business, Mpho Mhlaodi, openly shared, saying: “We felt the need to give back to the community through this initiative because the community of Villa Liza has showed us support since we opened the place; regardless of that we have realised that most pensioners are supporting their families and they use all their grant money to support their grandchildren, so we thought it was very important for us to appreciate their important roles by taking care of them for a change.

He elaborated further stating that, “I personally believe that the elders are the backbone of the community because guidance and wisdom is derived from them, however i want to do such events in the future, but I can’t do them alone; I plead with other businesses to get involved so we can continue giving back to our community,” he uttered.Anna Bombisa (who is 63 years old) an elderly attendee of the function, jubilantly expressed, stating that: “It was a surprise for me, but we were remarkably accommodated; they did their best and such functions build unity among us as community members, I’m excited today because I even received a 5litre bubble bath to soothe my body when i bath, most importantly we got a chance to be active as old people, even the entertainment line-up kept us on our toes and we enjoyed ourselves, by the way it also relieved our stresses, I can’t wait to be treated to a meal and be entertained again,” she happily divulged.

Aisha Dollie a franchise holder of Law 24 properties also mentioned, saying: “We are here to support because we believe in supporting the community, our main objective is stimulating the growth of black businesses, empowering women in general and we offer job opportunities to the youth, we are also recruiting young people and we have already recruited three young women today we will turn them into real estate agents,” she thoroughly alluded.Nhlanhla Mndaweni ( a Director at Phumulane funeral Parlour) also expressed himself, mentioning that, “We just recently opened our business at Villa Lisa; we thought it was good to be part of the function so we can introduce ourselves and give back to the community,” he disclosed. At the end of the interview the owner(Mpho Mhlaodi) of Shorts and Shades Kitchen said: “I would like to thank the Phumulane funeral Parlour, Law 24 properties for supporting and contributing financially to make the event possible and the musicians who came to entertain the crowd, which are: Mighty Messengers gospel group , Monochrome, DAG,MKR, Truth and Lazza.

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