Young soccer players showcase their talents

Sam Ntuli mall celebrated its one (1) year birthday by hosting a soccer tournament comprising of 8 teams with 15 players per team.The Sam Ntuli Centre Manager Lerato Makama explained to Ekurhuleni news stating that, “This ceremony signifies a great journey for us as a mall, we are grateful to be still operating especially now during this hard economic times because most businesses have closed down, but today we are fortunate to be celebrating our existence as a mall and we want children within our vicinity to enjoy themselves and showcase their talents in the soccer tournament although we had other different games on the today.

“This is just the beginning of great things to come, so all the teams which participated in the tournament received soccer balls and the team that won the tournament scooped away medals, a trophy and a thousand rand (R1000) voucher while the team that occupied the second place received silver medals; and the thousand rand (R1000) voucher was provided by Meat World with a clear instruction that the team that wins the tournament buys a soccer kit with the voucher; Meat World and Uppercrust also supplied food for the tournament along with Pick n Pay that assisted with water. “We also introduced several games on the day which are: Pinata, Egg race, Apple In Water, Still Walker; and another local business Nosamo Enterprise funded the games with a thousand rand( R1000); next year we will start with our chess tournaments and we will also continue with the soccer tournament,” Makama pleasantly alluded.The Sam Ntuli 2020 soccer tournament champions are Santos Football Club.

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