Female hip hop artist

A hardworking, relevant and consistent female hip hop artist, affectionately known among her fans as Bizzcuit is appealing for votes as one of the nominees in the Best female category of the South African Hip Hop Awards.The artist does hip hop music which contains trap, trap-soul, reggae, Kasi Rap and also mixes different sounds to provide a unique melody that triggers jamming vibes for hip hop music lovers.

Tholakele Mkhwanazi renown among her fans as Bizzcuit alluded, saying: “People can vote for me by accessing the online website which is www.sahiphopawards.com and search for the best female category and click on the Bizzcuit column to cast their votes.“I have over a decade in the game, but I believe good things come to those who work-hard and are indeed consistent in their craft; I want to leave a mark in the music industry not just great music, because I want to set an example for everyone who is trying to make it, especially in the music fraternity, that no matter how long it takes it’s all about making a difference,”Bizzcuit expressed.

She further elaborated revealing that: “My fans keep me inspired and obviously even other artists in the music industry who I noticed, swiftly developing from nothing to something and I also draw inspiration from myself.“Primarily, I have also decided to drop an unmixed and unrefined track for this month which will entertain my fans up until next year, this song didn’t make it in my projects or singles that worked on in the past but I will also be dropping more visuals to supplement the single,” she stated.However Bizzcuit has already scooped away two awards under her name which are the best female artist and best music video in the Ekurhuleni Teen Trap Music Awards (ETTMA) which were held in 2019; and desires to add the best female award offered by South African Hip Hop Awards on her shelf.

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