Men edged to uphold high moral standards

Men edged to uphold high moral standardsBy Matampane Raymond Mokwena As the end year function of traditional leaders was instituted at Kwesine hostel in Katlehong , men were encouraged to regain their moral standards and become decent role models to their wives, children and the society at large.

The event offered testing stalls for all the men who attended the function, to test for various diseases that widely affect them. The prince of the Zulu tribe, Nhlanganiso Zulu ,stressed that men in a broader sense are obligated to take their roles in the society seriously and show behavioural conducts which are of high standards because they are leaders and the world depends on them to survive.Nhlanganiso Zulu when given the opportunity to address the attendees said, “Men need to take responsibility for their actions, i strongly condemn violence, we can’t be resorting to violence all the time we are not fond of something as men; I also want to take this opportunity to encourage men in general to prioritise their health, because I’m a champion of circumcision, I do provide the circumcision service and I’m also an ambassador of TB, so it will be a dishonour for me not to talk about men’s health today, men should also test for diabetes, Hypertension and HIV because those illnesses and diseases affect them significantly lately, they should go as far as testing for different cancers that affect their overall wellbeing as a men.

“Today as it’s a closing ceremony i came here to teach people living in the hostel about peace and to condemn the violence behaviours that significantly contribute to gender based violence and also encourage them to take precautionary measures towards COVID-19 as the South African government requires,” Zulu alluded.The chairperson of Ndunas (traditional leaders) Dumisani Buthelezi disclosed, saying: “We are celebrating the end year party of traditional leaders in an effort of uniting all the people living in various hostels in the Katlehong area, we have four hostels within the township; through this programme we aim to educate and inform people about good ways of living and also spread the message of peace ,because there’s a sequence of killings in our hostels, as part of the function we want to change the narrative and also edge people to prioritise their health,” Buthelezi expressed.The event was funded by Sam Ntuli mall and other local business in Katlehong.

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