White Cocktail Party

White Cocktail Party paves way for Punch Production

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

A recently established company dubbed Punch Production got its wheels in motion by hosting its first White Cocktail Party in Villa Liza on the 28th of November 2020.The founder of Punch production, Magendran Daven Padiachy, said that, “The White Cocktail Party is held tonight to unveil and introduce Punch Production, and within the function I’m working with DJ Touch.com, Ryan G, DJ Spice, Robo Cop.com, T-CAT and many more.“In follow up to this event I want to open a small recording studio by next year, through that studio i want to offer aspiring musicians a platform to record their demos and even take their music career further by investing in their developing brands, i want to be a link between them and other well-known music labels because i know how the music industry operates; I used to be an event manager for a company called Knockout Marketing in East London(Eastern Cape), before returning here at Villa Liza in the area where I was born and brought up,” Padiachy explained.

He further revealed that he is already helping out his sister(Ashendri Padiachy) to advance her poetry career and immediately his sister also seized the opportunity to express herself, divulging that: “I have already signed up under Punch Production as a poet and my brother is helping me out in terms of broadening my career as a poet as I’m already internationally recognised therefor my three poems have been published on an international level , we are already in the process of turning my poems into lyrics and we will be recording them soon, because i can also sing,” Padiachy revealed.Ryan G who is the coordinator and technical manager of Punch Production, also shared, saying: “I have been a sound engineer and a deejay for over 20 years, so tonight I’m in charge of setting up the stage and lighting up the venue, with this event we hope to formerly introduce Punch Production and to offer a platform to all the music artists and deejays who availed themselves to entertain the masses who showed up in the event tonight,” Ryan G concluded

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