Rekindling love at EateryX

Couples offered a chance to rekindle love at EateryX

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

The recent formed exclusively rooted EateryX based in Thokoza Township introduced a Thursday Date Night session that offers couples an opportunity to arouse their love spark. Primarily, the session was launched on the 26th of November 2020 and during its establishment dinners were treated to foot massages, Photo-shoots, and welcoming cocktails along with a three course meal menu that carries delicious starters, main courses and desserts prepared by one of the best chef in the township, in continuation of the previous session another one was held on the 3rd of December 2020.

However during the recent Thursday Date Night segment Matshepo ‘X Woman’ Covane alluded to Ekurhuleni News saying: “I’m a fan of love so that’s how i came up with the Thursday Date Night session theme; i drew the idea from my own relationship because my husband and i are always busy, so we hardly get time to spent together like before in our early years as a couple, so that made me realise that maybe even other couples are experiencing the same problem, therefore with the sessions i aim to solve the issue by granting young couples an opportunity to reignite love in their relationships.“I encourage all couples to book for the sessions because they will experience only the best dishes offered within a unique formed menu and we even offer the best service in this township based restaurant; we do offer vegan dishes and my sessions are accommodative as free Wifi is provided along with welcome drinks, starters, main courses and desserts,” she shared.

A married couple residing in Thokoza, Matshepo and Jabu Mpulampula who attended the Date Night segment who appeared puzzled, captivated and fully consumed in a cosy mood took turns to share their experience during the EateryX’s Date Night session.Matshepo Mpulampula( wife) who was celebrating her birthday on the night, seized the first section of the interview in praise, saying: “This is our first time coming here, but we don’t regret it because we were treated and welcomed pleasantly by the waiters of the restaurant; today I enjoyed myself because most of the time we are usually at home with our children, but I was not expecting what I experienced here today, the restaurant offers the best standard in the Township, the food was deliciously served along with a XWomen bubbles sparkle wine with a very spontaneous taste to it ,” she shared.On the other part of the interview, Jabu Mpulampula(Husband) also grabbed the chance to share his experience, uttering that: “ We were pleasurably accommodated here today, I don’t mind recommending the restaurant to other couples, it’s good to dine here as a couple; we need to draw back from where our love began and EateryX offered us what we exactly wanted, there’s soulful music that we undeniable love as a couple to set our mood for love, we also appreciate people like the owner of the EateryX for trying to revive the township and offering young people job opportunities,” he delightfully alluded.

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