With the festive season underway, some of the 2020 big jackpot winners have shared their plans for their first Christmas as millionnaires with the National Lottery Operator, ITHUBA.
“We notice that this year, a lot of our winners are really more about giving and appreciating the gift of life, and this is inspired by the uparalleled holiday season that we are having this year, it is something that we have never experienced before” , said Charmaine Mabuza, ITHUBA Group CEO.

The PowerBall PLUS winner who scooped R81 Million on 27 October 2020, says he has spent a lot of time doing charity work. “I have been distributing food parcels to distressed families in the disadvantaged areas of Cape Town. I have come across a number of homes that have turned into child-headed households, where parents are reported to have died from COVID-19 related complications. This really devastated me and I ended up spending much more time on this that originally planned. I am excited though, as I have now moved into my new house just last week, a beautiful, spacious 5-bedroom house where I know lots of good memories will live. I am busy finalising furnishing the house with hope that everything will be done by Christmas Day, just on time for a memorable Christmas with my family”, said the winner.

For a winner who bagged a massive R114 Million PowerBall jackpot on 4 February 2020 from playing with just R5, this festive season, is all bout resting and enjoying quality time with loved ones. “Having worked as a cleaner at some of the busiest shopping malls in Johannesburg for years now, the festive season was the busiest and exhausting time for me, I have never had the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season with my family and that has always made me feel sad and guilty. This year, my big plan for Christmas is to just relax in my new beautiful home with my loved ones. That to me, is a dream come true”, she said.
The R77 Million PowerBall winner who won on 30 June 2020, says he has already moved into his dream home with his family. “Before I won the PowerBall, I already had my eyes on a property that was really my dream house. At the time it was just wishful thinking but I soon won the jackpot and wasted no time in putting down the offer. I will spend my first Christmas with my family in my dream home” he said. This winner says he is downplaying the magnitude of his fortune as he does not plan to disclose his winnings to anyone else apart from his immediate family. “I am very careful not to draw attention to myself as I do not want a lot of people to know about my winnings. That is why I have decided to continue working for some time until I am comfortable that no one will ask questions”, he added.

The R153 Million PowerBall PLUS winner who played using the Standard Bank banking App, says he would have loved to host a big lunch with family and friends, but will not be doing so this year. “I am concerned about the COVID-19 virus that is rapidly spreading. My partner and I plan to just keep things small – our safety and the safety of our loved ones is a priority to us”, he said.
Meanwhile, the R53 Million LOTTO winner, who won on 28 November 2020, is pleased to enjoy a debt free Christmas. “My wife and I have been praying for financial freedom and our prayers were answered. We will use a portion of our winnings to gift our close family and friends so that they may also enjoy some financial relief”

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