A 28 years old Karishma Bachu from Villa Liza was beaten to pulp by her abusive ex-boyfriend and father of her children, Ashen Sujnarain. According to Karishma, she was in a violent relationship with Ashen who constantly abused her physically for years.

However, the recent incident pushed her too far and she walked out of the relationship ALIVE, and never looked back but the perpetrator Ashen is currently on the run as the police are looking for him.

“It was on a Saturday night, I think he was drunk but I don’t remember when he first hit me because I was already on the floor passed out and when I woke up he was jumping on my stomach,” Karishma details the recent incident.

“I went to the hospital the next day on Sunday by myself with my nose and ribs broken, upon my arrival the nurses called the police on my behalf to open the case,” she added.

Ashen used his bare hands to brutally beat Karishma to pulp with the intent to cause bodily harm. Karishma’s family describe him as a vicious man who committed other crimes and he has a 10 years suspended sentence on his name.

His abusive behaviour does not end with Karishma, it is also extended to their children and his own mother as her aunt told Ekurhuleni news that “he beat up their 7 years old daughter with a pool que, and she still has marks on her body.”

“The entire Villa Liza community knows very well how he constantly beats my niece, drags her on the road, smashes her face with anything, jumps on her, kicks her around and cuts her hair when she’s sleeping,” detailed the aunt.

Karishma’s cousin Jessica is deeply hurt by the incident because Ashen has always gotten away with his abusive behaviour and his family is not helping either since they covered for him when they were confronted by his abusive ways.

“He abused my cousin and it’s not the first time. He’s a sick monster, she always opens a case against him but somehow he sweet talks her out of it or maybe even threatens her. He beat her up a week ago we only found out this Saturday he bashed her head on the tiles, broke her nose and ribs, jumped on her stomach until she was unconscious and blacked out,” said Jessica.

“Last weekend him and his cousin discharged her and send her off to his family in Midrand. None of us knew they tried to cover up the whole thing as usual. This time was his last time. He will pay for what he did. We are tired and hurt, we almost lost her. Her kids almost lost her,” Jessica said angrily.

Ashen is allegedly roaming the streets of Durban and his whereabouts are known by a family friend who is willing to help the police catch him. However, the family suspects that the police are not handling this matter as urgent as it needs to be handled.

Ekurhuleni News, attempted several times to get hold of the investigating officer who is in charge of the case but unfortunately the phone rang and it was unanswered.

By Thabang Rammutla 

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