Springs Home Affairs accused of poor service

On Tuesday the 12th of Janaury 2021 at 1pm people were looking Exhausted and frustrated at Springs Home Affairs, they were aggravated by the poor service as they arrived early in the morning to be assisted, unfortunately it was not as they expected.Clients of the Home Affairs accused the Home Affairs officials of bad attitudes and not showing the necessary urgency in assisting them, we don’t know if that’s way they’ve been trained.

Most clients who were queuing ended up swearing at the workers as they vented their frustrations. A 29 year-old Sthembiso Mdlalose said. “I’m here for a simple reason, at the bank they asked me to come here with certain forms so that they can be filled in here at the Home Affairs, but even now I have not been helped. I’ve arrived here at 5am in the morning so that I can be attended to as soon as possible but no one is willing to assist me, since you can see now it’s 1pm, it’s too sunny and people are losing their patience and I don’t blame them because workers are busy moving up and down, some of the people they do go inside without standing on the queue with us, so we don’t know if it’s their friends or relatives or it’s about connections”.

The security officer was also accused that he only allows people he knows to go inside, the only time when the security officer attends clients, it’s only when he’s guiding them to exercise social distance and when he’s asking them their reason to come at the home affairs. We want to know if the online system is still functional because they don’t even tell us how many people they going to attend to a day, there’s no order and the service is very poor. We facing youth unemployment in this stage, I believe that if the government can hire fresh blood that are hungry to work and serve people everything will be fine, because people are running out of patience.We are also hopeful that they will find a better strategy, because it’s painfully to see a mother with a new born baby waiting on the long queue without any help.

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