Vendor dazzles residents

Kgomotso Moloko, a young 28-year-old man from Duduza who is also a music student at the University of Witwatersrand changes his life by selling cleaning products.He is a musician at heart, but an entrepreneur on normal days. The young man is determined that he will not be a statistic of the unemployment rate in South Africa. His stage name is ‘Ntate Okolom’ since he is a performer, but he is known as ‘uMkhozi’ on the streets. Moloko says starting his own business was never an issue because he was business-minded even in his high school days. ”I have always been into business from a young age.

I remember I used to sell sweets in high-school and I sold Go-Slo snacks back in 2019 when I started studying at Wits. I did not have funding so I had to make means and I liked the idea of selling these snacks because it reminded a lot of people about where they come from; plus they were cheap and I loved selling. It exposed me to a lot of people and that helped me to build my confidence and believe that I can do anything I put my mind to”, says Moloko.He also mentions how being a normal kid at a university like Wits impacted him positively. ”Being on campus was a blessing to me. I fear nothing now. My self-development skills are sky-high and that’s why I started selling cleaning products. I was tired of sitting at home and not doing anything since campus was closed due to the corona virus pandemic, so I had to think of a business and I remember I asked God what I could sell and a mop came to me as a revelation. I even wear my ‘Mkhozi’ outfit with pride for now; this is what puts food on my table.

There were obviously obstacles along the way like people laughing behind my back and questioning how a 28-year-old man could wear a dress and a turban when they sell their products, but that meant nothing to me because I knew my goal”, added Moloko.Kgomotso also emphasises how it was not easy to start and promote his own business. However he reveals how social media played a huge role for his business to be successful “Facebook played a huge role in helping me build my business. People saw pictures of me wearing a dress and a turban, while also holding a mop, broom, feather duster, dustbin and a pine gel and that fascinated them. That’s how the name ‘Mkhozi’ came about. I just recognized people calling me with the name and I ran with it. The pictures got so many likes and shares and that’s what gave me the stamina to inbox people and tell them about my business.”Moloko also disclosed that, he has been recognised by a businesswoman, Elizabeth Montshiwa, through social media. “I was fortunate enough to go to KZN where I was exposed to raw materials and resources I could use for my products. As soon as I have enough capital, I plan on having my own factory here in Duduza so I can also create employment for the youth”, added Moloko.

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