ActionSA appreciates frontline workers

The ActionSA party led by its president Herman Mashaba is tenacious in its patriotism prospects as it handed over tokens of appreciation to frontline workers, in different lines of duties in the City of Ekurhuleni on the 28th of February 2021.

The tender aged party’s leader (Herman Mashaba) disclosed that his party embarked on this appreciation mode after he realised that South African workers are not honoured and acknowledged like their foreign counterparts who are in the same profession as them.Herman Mashaba said: “At the beginning of this year we recognised that our frontline workers are exposed to dangerous situations, but they are not honoured, so we decided that as a party, every Sunday we will appreciate our frontline workers until such time that all our South African citizens take it upon themselves to also recognise and appreciate them, be it our taxi drivers, bus drivers, security guards, police officers, nurses and our firefighters, we want to really inculcate the spirit of patriotism in our nation; and if we can all put South Africa first, one day this will be a nation which our grandchildren will be proud of.

“What motivated us was, firstly, late last year five hundred (500) fully qualified doctors were unemployed, forty thousand(40 000) medical professions were put on hold by the South African government because of budget constraints, but I remember sometime last year the South African government brought in four hundred (400) Cuban doctors at the cost of over four hundred million Rand, the numbers didn’t really workout; I said I’m going to challenge this, I then made contact with the South African Medical Association to establish whether that was true or not, without any doubt we immediately embarked on a petition,” he uttered.

“At beginning of this year we were in one of the meetings that president Cyril Ramaphosa runs, and he then said he is recommending Cuban doctors for a Nobel peace prize, I then said no, I think this is going too far, that’s when I spoke to Martin and we decided that every Sunday we are going to appreciate our own. For us this is not about being the first political party to appreciate our own but we want to demonstrate that if we can be proud of our own as South Africans we can succeed,” he vividly expressed.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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