Author imparts positivity through writing

Tebogo Matjie (31-years-old) from Duduza, Nigel is a self-taught writer who currently has two books out. The one book is titled ‘The Journey Goes On’ and the other one is titled ‘Dreams Worth Dreaming’.

He is also a Boston Media House Graduate and holds a diploma in Radio and Broadcasting.

Tebogo shares the challenges he had whilst growing up and seeing that he loved writing poems back then, literature was something he found solace in. He also mentions how those difficulties inspired him to write his first book, his book contains elements of autobiography and motivation. “Things were good at home until a tragedy happened, back when I was in high school. My father went to prison and that is when my mother told me that the man who I called my father and who raised me was not my biological father. Things got worse when we experienced financially difficulties as my mother didn’t have a job so we had to make ends meet, by selling vegetables and chicken feet here at home so that we could eat,” says Matjie.

He mentions how it was not easy during those times because he was very close to his stepdad and his absence casued hardships for their family. He says that after he met his biological father, it was not easy for them to click and although he tried to mend their relationship, he has made peace with the fact that their relationship is not fruitful. “My first book explained my experiences as a black young man. People relate to it because I mostly focus on challenges that are experienced by black communities. The feedback on it was great, and it sold out very fast. I take pride in this current book as well because I got to write a poem called ‘Dream’ for a South African music producer and DJ, Julian Gomes and it was featured in his album. This book is all about motivation and gratitude,” adds Matjie.

Although he was diagnosed with depression, Matjie says that he cannot let obstacles bring him down and he is currently working on his third book which hopefully will be out soon. “I’m a very spiritual person and I believe I’m very blessed even with the little that I have. I have been profiled as one of the youngest upcoming writers in South Africa by Kaya FM so depression has no right in my life. I’m also planning to pursue MBA at Wits and I want to write so that people can find healing through my books,” uttered Tebogo.

By Palesa Ndinisa

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