Ayoba-Yo hosts tournaments in Astroturf field

On Sundays Coach Innocent Mayoyo who is famously known as Ayoba-Yo usually hosts soccer tournaments at Astroturf field in Kwa-Thema.

These eight aside tournaments consist of U-11 teams that are based in Ekurhuleni and outside the region.The Ayoba-Yo games are usually structured as top 8 tournaments that include U-11 teams from Delmas, Vosloorus, Duduza and Kwa-Thema, and other areas outside of the City of Ekurhuleni. Coach Mayoyo said: “I started this project last year, but because of COVID-19 and the rainy season I decided to put it on hold; however the development of the tournament has given the youth an opportunity to be in a talent refining space at an early age; most South African players are suffering because they were not groomed from an early age, whilst overseas countries groom their talented players from a tender age.

“In doing that they are equipping their players with the basic skills in football, a simple example about Brazil is that they mainly focus on street soccer to unearth their talented players and that’s where they also groom them. We do have talent here in South Africa but the only problem is that there are no opportunities, so I’m doing my best to provide that opportunity, I’m planning on introducing the U-11 Ekurhuleni regional league, I wish scouts from big teams can come and witness the talent that we have and promote some players to professional leagues.”

Some parents are supporting and witnessing the talent that we have; we interviewed one of the U-11 coaches Nhlanhla Setoli who added, saying: “This project is the most amazing project I have ever seen, the players are enjoying themselves on the field, as coaches we also enjoy because it’s like a chess game, you have to know that you put in players that will yield pleasing results on the field, I would also like to thank Mayoyo for bringing such an event in the Township (ekasi ).” The coach also invited other teams to come and join the tournament, the registration fee is R500 for the whole year and the registration period is closing up on the 8th of March, and the winner of the tournament gets to walk away with exceptional prices which are medals and cups.

By Vusumuzi Makwawa

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