A young girl establishes a business

Kutlwano Moloko, a grade 3 learner from Sibonisiwe primary school who resides in Duduza sells ice-creams. She says that being in a business-minded family sparked her love for the business sector and that propelled her to establish her own business.

Kutlwano says that she has always watched channels that are centred on businesses and that’s how she generated guidelines about operating a business. She first sold ice-blocks but due the fact that she didn’t have enough space in the fridge, she had to think of another plan and that’s when she told her family that she wants to sell ice-creams. “We ended up not having space in our fridge. All the ice-blocks took the space and my grandmother told me that we can’t accommodate my ice-blocks because food, especially meat, has to be inside the fridge all the time. I then spoke to my uncle and told him I want to sell ice-creams and he supported me,” says Kutlwano.

With her extraordinary ambition, her family is sure that she can budget and save in her tender age. The 8-year-old says that she looks up to her uncle, Kgomotso Moloko who sells cleaning products. She says that she taught herself how to make these ice-blocks with the help of her grandmother, her grandmother revealed, stating that: “I used to help her regularly with selling ice-blocks, even now I help her with selling ice- creams, especially when she’s at school, but when she returns from school, she changes her uniform and does her homework and then she gets to manage her own business. I’m glad she’s the one who started this business and I hope she carries on, however I take the profits of the business and put them in a savings account, the money will help her in the future when she decides to go to university,” added Gogo Moloko.

Kutlwano also mentioned that she spends most of her time operating her business and that has limited her playing time, but she has set her mind on succeeding in the business sector and her uncle inspires her significantly.

By Palesa Ndinisa

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