A granny taken for a ride by criminals

It should come as no surprise that crime and violence remain so disturbingly high in South Africa. We hear of those incidents all the time, most people are affected by the scourge and it seems to be a norm for South Africans.

Gogo Matshidiso Malmbo (87) from Tsakane, experienced that on Friday night. “I stay alone and I had no one to look after me, what pains me the most is that am an old woman and there’s nothing I can use to protect myself. If it wasn’t for the kids who saw them, I don’t think I would be here talking to you. “

This is not the first time people tried to steal from her, but she paid no attention to it until the culprits broke one of her windows which woke her up. “I was scared and they did not only break my aluminium window but they also took my four (4) chairs that were outside in the yard.” Gogo Matshidiso is scared for her life more than anything.

“I feel like am taken for a ride by these offenders because it’s not the first time they targeted me and stole from me, it hurts because I don’t have children to look after me or protect me from these villains,” she added.

Children that saw the incident were able to identify two culprits who walked around selling the chairs that they stole from Gogo Matshidiso, they ran after them, unfortunately they didn’t catch them.

Since it’s the year between summer and winter where temperatures gradually decrease culprits are finding it easy to do their dirty jobs.

Gogo Matshidiso opened a case and it’s under investigation. She urged all the old people to be aware of all the criminal activities which are happening in and around Tsakane.

By Zoleka Batsha

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