Vuyo Joboda launches a digital network

A 21-year- old young South African woman launched her own digital network on the 27th of March at Rynfield (Benoni). The Vuyo Joboda digital network is an online platform wherein people can stream entertainment shows and read magazines. The event was so interesting and it was attended by the deputy minister of Art and culture Nocawe Mafu.

The founder of the network Vuyo Joboda graduated in 2016 at Hoerskool Hottentots in Holland, and then she proceeded and studied at the University Of Cape Town, where she followed her dreams and studied a BA Film and Media course, however her digital network project commenced in 2020. With the digital network fully functional it turns out that Vuyo Joboda is the first young black woman in South Africa to break the barriers by establishing a successful network that covers all lifestyle and entertainment events in Africa.

The deputy minister of Art And Culture Nocawe Mafu was given a chance to deliver her speech to the attendees, and she said, “we are here to celebrate Vuyo Joboda, at a very young age she has made a mark in the literary world and now in the digital world, something which our young people must strive for, in our society we need a culture of prosperity and the power of imagination. I know Vuyo that you are an author and most of the people that you are interacting with do not understand that you are not just a young woman; you’re a dimensional woman who grabs every opportunity she comes across.

The poet Pablo Neruda used to say (The books that help you most are those which make you think the most, the hardest way of learning is through easy written literature, but a great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought) Such a young talented thinker must be recognised.” The deputy minister promised that the government will always support the woman of the moment and she’s proud of her because she keeps the South African flag high.

Everyone was in tears of joy when the young global author, producer, director, entrepreneur, international MC speaker and the founder of Vuyo Joboda digital network took over the stage sharing her wise words, saying, “I’m going to rise up and take my people along with me, together we are going to a brand new home, far across the river can you hear freedom calling, it’s calling me to answer and I am going to keep on rising and I can feel it in my bones, as am standing here tonight I can feel and hear freedom calling my name and it’s calling all of us.

I still remember it was exactly on the 27th of July 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic when we went live for the very first time on the Vuyo Joboda Network; I had no idea where i was and where the steps were leading me. I’m so proud to stand here before you today, not just as any other young black person but as a young black person who made a conscious decision to change my family’s situation, my community, my country and most importantly this continent because by this network, Africa will never be the same again, our freedom is a freedom to dream and an opportunity to make those dreams come true, our freedom is a chance to be the best version of ourselves. So I take that responsibility and promise that Vuyo Joboda Network will give young talented Africans an opportunity to be recognised,” she shared.

Vuyo Joboda’s parents Sindiswa and Mzukisi were surprised when Vuyo told them that she’s going to study a BA Film and Media course, the only thing they did was to support her regarding her vision. It was not easy for them to pay her tertiary fees during her journey but they did their best to support her vision. The young woman who continues to hoist the South African flag (Vuyo Joboda) encouraged the youth to never stop dreaming, and she concluded by saying, the most important thing is to keep on believing.

By Vusumuzi Makwawa & Palesa Ndinisa

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