African National Congress Youth league tackles unemployment

The ANCYL had a campaign that focused on galvanising the youth to step up the fight against segregation in ward 105 as a whole.

Although the program initially united all the young people in the ANCYL, the members of the party that has been governing South Africa for 27 years tried to enlighten the locals about the systems it seeks to implement in an effort of tackling unemployment and obliterating the educational issues that continue to savage the country.

“The Youth league aims to mobilise the youth to support ANC’s vision, and they are also advancing their socio-economic interests. The league has come to be viewed as an influential component within the broader ANC, and it’s also grooming future leaders.” said one of the attendees.

ANCYL has a historical agenda to mobilise young people behind ANC’s vision and it also seeks to champion the youth interests within the ANC.

Unemployment has always been a problem that the country is facing and it can only be suppressed if all people work together towards eradicating the scourge.

With the COVID-19 outbreak the youth employment rate has elevated beyond measure and the youth league wants to implement strategies to help the youth by creating job opportunities.

The youth in ward 105 hopes the campaign carries on because it motivates and reduces the unemployment rate in the community.

By Zoleka Batsha

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