Dilapidated house restored in Katlehong

Gabriel Phalane(soccer legend) was overwhelmed by jubilation when he was handed over his rejuvenated house(after his heart felt cry) in Katlehong, Maphanga section, on the 11th of April 2021.

The recently refurbished house succumbed to heavy rains last year in August, but a philanthropist and businessman Given Muhlarhi vowed to redeem the soccer legend’s(Gabriel Phalane) home.

The benefactor alluded that after he saw the catastrophic condition of the old man (former soccer maestro) he had sleepless nights, so ‘Given the Giver’ as his tagged for his good deeds, decided to live up to his humanitarian nature by celebrating his 40th birthday (which was on the 6th of March 2021) in a rather unorthodox way by doing what his heart strongly desired; he opted to restore the house of the soccer legend.

When the owner of the renovated house (Gabriel Phalane) who seemed amused and joyful ,seized the opportunity to communicate with the people’s favourite local newspaper, he said, “I would like to thank this man his godly sent, when this disastrous event occurred I cried deeply, because I had no solution, remember, I’m a pensioner and I live with my wife, two (2) children and six (6) grandchildren and the house we solely depend on was destroyed, it was heart breaking but I approached my friend Josiah Cindi who appealed for assistance in my behalf.

“Then a wonderful man came to my rescue, I wish god can bless him dearly because what he has done is remarkable and I will never forget him, he mustn’t stop here, I wish god can give him enormous strength to carry on what he is doing,” Gabriel Phalane Happily uttered.

Given Muhlarhi, vividly expressed himself in a sigh of relief and in a subtle form, saying: “You Know there’s a special musician who continues to be dearly in my heart, Brenda Fassie, she sang a song which goes in this tune: ‘Umuntu umuntu ngabantu’ so I try to live up to her lyrics. So when I saw the tragic condition of the old man, it gave me sleepless nights and I thought to myself that instead of celebrating my 40th birthday in style which was on the 6TH of March by popping Champagne, let me just do something productive by assisting the soccer legend and his family.“initially, it took us about a month to complete this restoring process of the house as we are handing it over today, I would like to thank god for giving us the strength to complete this task,” Given Muhlarhi gloriously disclosed.

MEC of Education, Panyaza Lesufi, also seized the platform sharing brief wise words, stating that, “The spirit of Ubuntu emphasizes that if you have the means to help, act upon it; however today we would like to thank ‘Given the Giver’ for his humanitarian act,” Lesufi adamantly addressed.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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