Young man designs unique watches

Sinekhaya Manciya, a 27-year-old young man born and bred in Daveyton describes himself as an entrepreneur, game changer, influencer and a leader. He currently has a business called SNEZAR which is a fashion brand that designs timepieces as well as sunglasses.

He draws inspiration from a number of South Africans who come from a similar background making big leaps in the entertainment, fashion and business industry. He completed his degree at the University of Cape Town and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. He also holds a certificate in New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship Development (Ubuntu Business School). SNEZAR is a fashion brand that designs environmentally friendly and bespoke bamboo wooden timepieces. It is inspired by the African continent and its people, as we all know that the African continent has a rich and painful history, but most people in the continent are determined to change the narrative, they are willing to turn this continent into an economic powerhouse. The company intends to build a timepiece that is not seamless and minimalistic in its design but it is going to be personalised by the user through an online interface that allows customers to add their own personal elements to a plain design. SNEZAR offers unisex, minimalistic and well-designed bamboo strap watches made from authentic environmentally friendly materials. These products are for those who love and value high aesthetic timeless pieces, it’s an Afro-contemporary product that speaks to the heart of Africans.

“I had a drive to create something unique, something entirely my own. So I decided to take action. I started this business from 2016, so it’s been 5 years now. I’m glad that I’m a sole-owner of it, it’s my baby. Although I face challenges such as not having enough access to the market, lack of funding and the pandemic hit me hard but I will soldier on and try to reach the target market which we focus on serving the Afropolitan, a sub-segment of the black middle class, this population is educated and salaried, and the group is gaining increasing economic and influential ground, added Manciya. He adds to say that the name of the business is combination of creative his name (Sinekhaya) and the South African rand abbreviation (ZAR) hence it is ‘SNEZAR’. In the future, Manciya would like to partner with independent retailers and fashion boutique outlets particularly the Afro-chic and Afro- centric designers in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“I want to master the art of making watches. Tell African stories through wooden watches. Expand our watch collection/models. Have Bamboo concept stores firstly in Johannesburg and Cape Town, later nationally and hopefully distribute my watches internationally. We put emphasis on the value of time, as it plays an instrumental role in our overall personal development. We don’t just sell bamboo timepieces; we sell time, art, luxury and uniqueness. Snezar Timepiece credits you with 86,400 seconds every day, which can be invested into pushing your passion, bringing dreams into reality and breaking boundaries to create a transformed and economically equitable society. With that being said, don’t allow anything to kill your entrepreneurial spirit. Own your time, own your future,” concluded the businessman.

By Palesa Ndinisa and Vusumuzi Makwakwa

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