Hendrick Monyeki said: ‘music is my calling above everything else

Hendrick Monyeki is a gospel and jazz musician who believes that music is his calling above everything else and that is why he has been in the industry for two decades.

While growing up in the early 90’s (nineties) when electricity was limited to certain areas, Hendrick and his family would sit around the fire and sing hymns, his mother would make him lead nearly every song they sang. “That experience was part of my training and inspiration,” Hendrick announced. Monyeki’s music inspires, heals, revives hope, and its motivational. His music resuscitates the traditional/urban contemporary gospel subgenre.

In 2005 he booked his first professional gig which took place in Polokwane, at the Mapungubwe Jazz Festival. “My creative process happens randomly I don’t plan it. I would be walking on the street and I would hear a melody in my head, or I’d be on stage on Sunday in the morning ministering, and inspiration would be flowing in my body, and I would sing a new song,” Hendrick stated. In the near future, Hendrick would appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on a song with Ntokozo Mbambo.

Monkeyi believes that if he had the power to change anything in the music industry it would be how royalties are paid to creatives. “We live in the fourth industrial revolution and it has changed the music industry greatly. In the next five years, I don’t see us using CDs. I mean cars don’t come with CD players anymore, and Musica has closed all their shops which is a sign that we will use digital platforms only,” Hendrick explained.

Hendrick and his band are nominated for the best traditional gospel album at the Ingoma gospel awards. “I am extremely excited about this nomination as it is my very first nomination. I’m hoping it is the beginning of many more to come,” Hendrick happily expressed. This nomination is life-changing as Hendrick’s work for many years is finally getting the well-deserved commendation.

On his next project focuses on his music and he also wants to manage artists in his own record label. His advice to upcoming artists is “Be patient, consistent and persistent. Do what you like because you will not get a chance to do it again, never take anything for granted, no matter how small it is. Do your best always, every public appearance is a public audition. People will always have something to say but always try to do your best,” He concluded.

By Karabo Lekgwate

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