Violence and looting took place in Tsakane Usave Shoprite

Usave Shoprite had been looted yesterday and streets were covered in waste and debris in what looked like a warzone in Tsakane Madonsela.

As traffic cops retreated, the crowds reappeared with individuals disappearing to Usave Shoprite to pick the shelves clear. It was a pattern that repeated itself again and again.

These protests have turned into something more unpredictable and destructive, such turmoil is fraught with risk and people were left injured.

In a nationwide address the country’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa pleaded for calm and said members of South Africa’s military would be deployed on the street.

“Sadly, all the shops were looted but it is what it is and I hope that the country comes out of this situation victorious,” said Mampho a community member.

“We cannot expect a lasting and durable peace if jobs are not created and build a more just and equitable society where people will live peacefully with harmony. I feel bad but there’s nothing we can do but take what we get at Usave because more food shortage is yet to come,” said Mamitso.

This is rather a sad loss for South Africa as looting may lead to food shortage.

By Zoleka Batsha

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