‘Social relief grant could’ve prevented chaos,’ says a looter

The ‘People’s No 1 choice newspaper went to different business hubs where the troubling scenes of looting occurred in Vosloorus from the 11th of July 2021 till to date, and it found few people ransacking the left-overs.

As the local newspaper was eager to know if the masses were indeed acting out because they are refuting the imprisonment of the former president (Jacob Zuma).

A young man (Sizwe Makhubo) who was found in Naledi Mall collecting the remaining essentials, seized the opportunity to express himself sharing something different, he said: “We are not looting because we want Jacob Zuma out of prison, it has nothing to do with the shutdown campaign which was established to revoke the Concourt’s decision against him, as citizens of the country we are frustrated and depressed because we are unemployed and hungry.

“If the social relief grant was not stopped this could’ve never happened, the lockdown regulations made things worse, the anxiety brewed immediately after the president announced that we are moving to the level 4 regulations of the lockdown.

“I think most people were just waiting on any opportunity that will possibly instigate them to vent out their frustrations and anguish, and indeed it happened as they anticipated, it surely reflects badly on us as people, but there’s nothing I can do I lost my job last year, this is not an excuse but I rationally think the R350 social relief grant could’ve prevented this chaotic situation. My only fear is that this anarchy can easily escalate into a civil war, so I would like to plea with President Cyril Ramaphosa to take decisive action by bringing back the social relief grant,” Makhubo expressed in agony.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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