“Modern Makoti” answers marital issues

The second edition of a book titled ‘Modern Makoti’ which has constructive advice that will strengthen ties between in-laws and modern brides, has been dispensed on the book market.

The book was written by a young bride (Poppy Bhengu) who indicated that she wrote the book to mitigate the quarrels that often arise between in-laws and brides, caused by conventional cultural habits which are still upheld by most families.

“I wrote the book because I want to challenge the society. I want them to change their old habits because they do not contribute positively to modern marriages; my main goal is to change how brides are perceived in the society.

“As a woman, I don’t want my daughter’s generation to have the same challenges I had, especially in their marriages. Most of the challenges we are facing in our marriages are due to miscommunication but with patience and respect, they can be resolved.

“My book has twelve chapters, with powerful themes that can enlighten women who are married, eager to be married and those who are single. What inspired me to write the book are my frustrations as a married woman. So I wrote the book to ease the pressure and to find rational solutions to my issues.

“It is also important for people to know that I researched thoroughly before I wrote the book, I engaged with other married couples and I discovered that most couples are facing the same issues in their marriages, with the book I’m providing solutions and I’m also promoting harmony and peace among families,” the author shared.

Her husband disclosed that he was a supporting structure throughout the writing process of the book and he also edited the book.

On the other hand, Mwabisa Mthetho who read the 1st edition of the book said, “I enjoyed the first book because it gave me vital information about marriage and what I should expect from it, I can’t wait to read the second edition and I encourage men to read it too because they might learn one or two things from it. I have already placed my order,” she expressed.

By Matampane Raymond Mokwena

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