Community members protect shopping hub

The Tsakane community members including taxi drivers went all out to protect Tsakane Mall against looting.

This happened after various parts of the country succumbed to the looting acts that commenced in KZN, which led to most people losing their lives, but the Tsakane community members decided to spread the words: “Let us Protect Tsakane Mall.”

All complexes around KwaTsaDuza have been vandalized and looted except Tsakane Mall, Thando Mbatha told Ekurhuleni News that they are doing this campaign to protect their mall. “It was difficult for us when we didn’t have a mall, we had to take taxis to Carnival Mall or Lakeside, now we don’t see any reason to vandalize and loot our own Mall, because it makes our lives easy, the mission is to develop not destroy our resources and there’s a lot of people who lost their jobs because of this criminal thingy that’s taking place in our country (looting), so we decided to go all out in this cold weather and make sure that we keep the flag up by protecting our mall.”

Tsakane Mall is the only mall that didn’t experience looting around KwaTsaDuza, it is a precious thing to see in our area and even taxi drivers boldly protected the mall.

By Vusumuzi Makwakwa

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