Car accident opens entrepreneurial avenues for Mpho

Mpho Gabara (30) who previously worked as a flight attendant decided to open her own business, after surviving a horrendous accident, which left her disabled.

She is originally born in Venda, Makhado, Limpopo, but she currently resides in Boksburg Ravenswood. Gabara was a flight attendant for Mango airlines until October 15, 2020, when she was involved in a car accident that left her left hand disabled. Growing up she was an average student, she deems herself as a playful individual. Gabara shares with Ekurhuleni News, saying, “A lot of people whom I went to school with, would not believe that I am the same person, as I have really grown. If I think about it, I have always wanted to be a businesswoman, I just did not know how and where to start, as finances are always a big factor for most people who want to start their own businesses. During my varsity days, I had a few ideas, but I just did not know how or where to start, nonetheless, I also believe that it was not the right time then.”

The idea of making earrings came to Gabara last year, before her accident. However, she was still working as a flight attendant at that particular time.

“I thought to myself that I will not have time to make earrings because I also have a baking business. I started baking before venturing into the earrings business. The earrings idea was sparked by my love for fashion as I love both of them dearly; I love earrings so much that I still have some pairs I bought 4 years ago. I am not just making earrings, but I am making earrings for ‘every occasion’ meaning that one can have earrings in their favourite colour and in their own design.

The challenge that I have faced so far is finances. I managed to buy a few things, but still, they are not enough, however, I have managed to work with what I had and I have produced some good pairs of earrings. I have learned that if you have passion for something and you really want something in life, you will always find a way to make things happen even if it may seem impossible. I plan to showcase my phenomenal designs in big retail shops in the next 4-5 years like legit, jet, Mr Price fashion as I choose those shops because my target market buys from those shops.

I also display my elegant designs in marketplaces during weekends, I have 3 employees, 3 models, I am honestly tired of being the model so I can’t wait to employ more models. My social media pages are @phenomenal_designs01 as well as @phenomenal_designes on Instagram and Mpho Gabara on Facebook.”

She elaborated further saying, “before anything else has a passion for whatever business you want to start because when all fails your passion for what you are doing will keep you going, your passion will never allow you to give up.”

By Vuyokazi Bam

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